Planning and Surveys

We can provide a specialist planning service for all our clients if required.

Plan of riding arena in somerset Planning permission is almost always required by your local planning authority, and this process can be a little discouraging at first, but we can help make this a painless task. We offer a professional planning service through our landscape architect and consultant with 30 years experience.

It would take around 8-10 weeks to get a decision and provided everyone is fully consulted there is never usually a problem obtaining consent.

Once we have met to discuss you proposed arena site and positioning, a topographical survey is the key to any project to establish accurate ground levels and the area available for positioning your arena, gallops and stables.

If you prefer, we can then put a package together and apply for planning approval on your behalf and contact the planning department for your area and get a preliminary meeting. We would then speak to the Highways and Environment Agencies and other interested parties such as Natural England on your behalf and pursue the application through the planning system to approval.


Architects drawings showing plan of Riding Arena in Somerset Once the survey data has been collected from the field, we can interperate our customers requirements and turn them into precise and cost effective drawings. These will not only give the client visually a better idea of how it will look, but they are required for planning purposes, quantities and ultimately the setting out information.

The ideal location should be on level ground with good free draining soil. This will ultimately reduce the costs of ground works as less substantial land drainage will be required. If your field is on a slope, then this is where construction costs can rise as we would have to carry out a cut and fill excavation to get the formation and arena level.

Things to consider also is ease of access not only for construction traffic but also for daily usage. Muddy tracks and coming off fields should be avoided to reduce the risk of contamination to your new surface.

The standard size of an arena is 20m x 40m. How ever we can custom build your arena to accommodate your budget and level of riding you want to achieve. So if you wish to compete at higher level dressage you may wish to build a 20m x 60m as this is the standard test size.


One of the main features we incorporate into the design of the arena is our style of fencing we use, in that we use round posts instead of squares.

This gives it a more aesthetically pleasing look and more in keeping with a country feel. They are driven into the ground with a post banger mounted on a tractor which is more stable in the ground than concrete installed posts that will rot off quicker given time.

The gate posts are round to match and we also supply and install a 12 foot gate with galvanised fittings unless otherwise specified. Square posts can be fitted if preferred at no extra cost.

There will be three 4”x 2” square rails up or half rounds if preferred, and Two kick boards installed. We have in the past installed on two arenas, kicker boards all the way up for the use of polo!

All our timber is pressure treated and has a standard service life of 15 years, but a 30 year service life on the posts is optional at extra cost.

Whilst on site we can carry out other fencing extras for you including stock fencing, rabbit netting and electric fencing

Riding arena with track going down to gateway
25m x 45m Riding arena with a sand and fibre surface in Somerset
Waxed Surface riding arena in Somerset


All parts of an arena construction are important but the drainage is the most important part of any arena and if it is sub standard, can be extremely costly as the whole arena will need to be redone. We install a straight or herringbone type system under the main riding surface depending on the site, water table and soil structure. Perimeter drains or ring drain can also be installed to aid the outer edges to drain freely particularly if the arena site is on a particular sloping site. The water will then drain and run off to a soak away, stream or ditch. We guarantee that we only use the best materials throughout construction for using cheaper substandard aggregates would compromise the whole system and will lead to blocked drains and a flooded arena.

Drainage installation on a riding arena in Somerset
Machines installing stone and drainage on a riding arena in Devon

We supply and install fully guaranteed all weather synthetic riding surfaces for all disciplines and our carefully selected range of arena surfaces are developed specifically for the enjoyment and safety of our clients and their horses. The choice of surfaces available for your arena is extensive, and are completely safe, manufactured from non- hazardous, non-toxic materials. There are no harmful materials in our products that will leach out into the ground or cause environmental contamination.

Choosing the right surface can be a tough decision but we can guide you and offer advice on all your options to suit your particular disciplines and arena.

We do not manufacture our own surfaces or are in partnership with any manufacturing companies. Being in this position means that we are not biased in any way, and we don’t push or sell any particular product or try to sell you what you don’t need. We are open to give you best advice and buy in your chosen materials and the best surfaces from top quality suppliers at the best prices that will best suit your needs and budget and at cost direct to you.

We use various surfaces, all suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Arenas including: Dressage and Polo Arenas, Gallops and Training tracks, Jumping facilities, to Lunge Rings/ Pens to turn out yards and offer the complete service for your installation. Please look at the options listed below.

Sand and Fibre surface installed on a 25m x 45m riding arena in Wiltshire
Waxed surface installation on a riding arena near Wiveliscombe
Silica Sand

Super fine equestrian silica sand is the base surface to start off with. This surface alone will need irrigation during dry weather periods.

We buy in only the finest quality sub angular super fine silica sand from three top producing quarries in the country. The sub angular nature of the product of a top quality equestrian sand is firm and free draining and allows for heavy compaction which is capable of handling all riding disciplines. It can be upgraded and added to to create a professional surface at a later date with various toppings and fibre additives which are designed to blend in with the sand. However, left on its own can have problems in the winter where frosts can freeze up the surface then during dry summer months it can dry out making it ride too deep making it unusable.

Machine levelling out sand surface ready for fibre installation on a riding arena in devon
Sand surface installed on a riding arena in Devon with fibres in bales

Fibre Mix

The main problem with silica sand on its own is that it will ride deep causing the horse to work into the surface and not on it. This surface though will still need irrigation during dry weather periods.

This can be counteracted by rotavating fibres into the sand or adding to existing sand surfaces for rejuvenation. When blended with the silica, the fibres will improve the structure and stability of your surface giving a more springy energy return to the surface enhancing your riding experience.

We use FibreLok guaranteed 100% Chopped Premium polypropylene and polyester synthetic fibres which create a unique fibre root network mixed into a high grade silica sand that are low maintenance, affordable, but most importantly 'they perform’ time and time again.

These surfaces are able to absorb and retain moisture without effecting the performance or quality of ride. The unique fibre root network cushions impact, stabilises lateral movement, reduces impact on joints, increasing comfort and minimising fatigue. Whilst providing a stable footing, maintaining excellent hoof grip and giving a spring like feel with energy return.

Fibrelok fibres are completely safe, manufactured from non- hazardous, non-toxic materials. There are no harmful materials in our products that will leach out into the ground or cause environmental contamination.

Available premixed or installed on site for a high performance synthetic riding surface.


  • Greater Stability.
  • Increased Moisture Retention.
  • Reduces Tendon and Joint Injury.
  • Increased Surface Resilience.
  • High Energy Return.


  • 50% Increased Volume than competitors fibre.
  • Cut Fibres ( Not Shredded ) offering complete consistency.
  • Consistent blended colour.


  • Reduces Maintenance.
  • Europes Leading Sand Stabiliser.
  • Dust and Latex removal.

Recommended for: General Schooling, Eventing, Lunging and Jumping, Dressage, Polo, Flat training, Carriage driving.

Fibres being harrowed into a sand surface with a large tractor

Wax Coated Sand and Fibres

There are several combinations of premixed synthetic fibres coated with wax. There are ranges available to suit everyones disciplines and budgets from affordable waxed surfaces for the smaller professional yard or owner rider up to the more expensive premier surfaces professionals and internationals use.

These provide increased stability on a consistent non slip cushioned surface and improves impact absorption, which prolongs the life and career of the horse reducing the risk of premature joint and repetitive strain injury.

By installing a wax coated surface, you are eliminating the possibility of dust and remove the need for an irrigation system as it does not require watering. It has a high frost resistance and is resilient and durable, has minimal maintenance and is free from toxic additives. Is environmentally friendly and is instantly ready to use after installation.
Whether it be a 20m x 40m arena or a 40m x 80m arena, small lunging ring or turnout area we can construct whatever your requirements. We can supply you with whatever surface you require and with what suits you best. Rest assured you will be in good hands with the entire project carefully supervised at all stages of construction, including materials and components as part of our stringent quality control to guarantee your total satisfaction.

Sand and fibres being levelled inside indoor riding arena
Wax surface being delivered in artic's
Waxed surface arena in Cambridgeshire
Dressage riding arena with waxed surface in Somerset
Horses on a waxed surface on an arena in Somerset
Maintenance & Leveling Equipment

Having made a considerable investment in your arena and riding surface, it  makes perfect sense to maintain and look after it properly to enhance the performance and prolong its life.

Maintenance is the key to the well being of all equestrian surfaces and by using the best and right equipment is crucial in keeping your surface in tip top condition.

How regular you do this depends on its usage, disciplines and personal preference. If your surface has fibre in it and is waxed coated, then it will need harrowing to loosen up the top of the surface stopping it becoming too compacted. On non waxed surfaces, it remixes the fibres back into the sand that have come to the top.

We offer both tractor mounted and towable graders designed for either the maintenance of waxed or fibre surfaces. They are simple to use with a height adjuster for depth and range in sizes from 1.5m up to 3m. We can supply any type or combination to suit your surface.

Riding arena leveller being towed behind a gator on a waxed surface
Arena leveller being towed behind a quad bike on a waxed surface


If you would like to improve your existing riding surface or your existing surface is worn, riding deep and under performing, I can advise you ways of in improving it. You might not even need to replace it unless it has the incorrect sand that has been previously installed.

We can regenerate and upgrade your arena and transform your existing riding surface with fibre additives harrowed into the surface or re topping with rubber. Or it might want re-fencing or new kicker boards, floodlights or a sprinkler system installed. Whatever the challenge we can help and remedy.

Geomembrane being installed prior to surface being laid
Indoor riding arena formation being levelled
Indoor riding arena sand surface being levelled in somerset
Outdoor riding arena refurbishment with a waxed surface in Devon
Riding arena fencing refurbishment
Earthmoving, Groundworks & Stable Bases

Perry James over the years has been involved with some interesting and challenging projects and is happy to look at your project and come up with some solutions whatever the problem your site may pose.

Perry James offers a complete service and can under take a variety of extra works including; Earthmoving, Buildings, Barns, Stables, Concreting and Stable yards, electrical and water pipe supplies, additional post and rail fencing, Estate drives, roads and tracks, land drainage and storm drain installations, Septic tanks and pumping systems, Manage lighting, sprinkler systems, Landscaping and waterscapes construction.

No job is too big or too small.

Tracked dumpers used for topsoiling on soft ground conditions
Concrete lorry delivering concrete for stable bases in Somerset
Concrete yard installation for stables
Excavator levelling stone base for riding arena in Cambridge

Our Equipment

We are fully self contained and will arrive on site with our own large equipment.

A 16t Kobelco zero tail swing low ground bearing pressure excavator, John Deere tractor and power harrow, 10t Thwaites dumper, diesel bowser, Vibro compactor roller,  a diesel reversing walker plate, a flat bed trailer and a tow a van trailer for our tools and equipment, toilet.

We also use lazer levelling equipment for pin point accuracy to make sure all the levels agree for the base foundation, drainage through to the finished surface.

Mini digger, Dumper and Roller used for riding arena projects
Excavator earthmoving soils for cut and fill excavation on a riding arena project
Stone surface and fencing installed on riding arena in Exmore Somerset
Fibres being harrowed on an indoor arena

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