Posted on 11th January 2019



Having made a considerable investment in your arena and riding surface, it  makes perfect sense to maintain and look after it properly to enhance the performance and prolong its life. Even more importantly, as a responsible horse owner there is one thing that is more important than anything else…

Your Horses Welfare.

The proper maintenance of equine arenas is essential in ensuring that you safeguard against injury to your horses reducing impact on joints, increasing comfort and minimising fatigue. As well as enhance the longevity of the surface, it will improve the structure and stability giving a more springy energy return to the surface enhancing your riding experience.

Arenas need to be regularly harrowed. How regular you do this depends on its usage, disciplines and personal preference but is necessary task. Overtime, you will find that the surface of your arena becomes uneven and compacted, and this has the potential for major health implications for your horse.

If your surface has fibre in it and is waxed coated, then it will need harrowing to loosen up the top of the surface stopping it becoming too compacted. On non waxed surfaces, it remixes the fibres back into the sand that have come to the top. Severe compacted arenas that have been constructed properly will need re power harrowing.

Maintenance is the key to the well being of all equestrian surfaces and by using the best and right equipment is crucial in keeping your surface in tip top condition. Perry James can supply both tractor mounted and towable graders for a 500cc Quad Bike, designed for either the maintenance of waxed or fibre surfaces. They are simple to use with a height adjuster for depth and range in sizes from widths of 1.5m up to 3m. We can supply any type or combination to suit your surface.

If you would like to find out more, then please do contact us for a friendly chat.

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